July 13, 2010

If you don't have something nice to say... The A-Team

A couple of week back I went to go see the "A-Team" movie. I went with low expectations that were pretty much met except for one shinning factor: Gerald McRaney. This film would have been a total disaster to me except for the fact that it opens the door to a Major Dad Film Franchise. Why else would they have the rest of the cast put forth lackluster performances and use a script that made no sense other than to showcase the bundle of brilliance that is Gerald McRaney. In case you dare heap scorn at my appreciation of Mr. McRaney or for some strange reason don't know what I am talking about I now submit for you the opening credits of Major Dad.

Major Dad: Pappa's Got a Brand New Flag. Spring of 2011.

Don't worry, it was only me and your web browser that saw you doubt Gerald McRaney.

Post Number One

Welcome one and all to my new Blog. I have decided to take a bold jump into the world of 2006. I will start by saying that this will not be a daily record of my life. There will be factoids and glimpses into the everyday happenings of one Perry R. Johnston, but by no means will this be my journal. The main reason I have started this is to force myself into writing more than just a few facebook comments in a given week. So I welcome all of you who read this to punish me with mean spirited ribbing and taunts if I should let this blog fall silent. I plan on adding some regular features to my blog but also reserve the right to drop anyone of them that I may choose. I will now put some of my rudimentary ideas up for your consideration.

  • The "If you don't have something nice to say..." movie critique is my first idea. The basic idea is that I will write reviews about movies without saying anything disparaging about said film. If you know me at all you will know that this is almost impossible, so this should be interesting. 
  • "As Found on the Internet" is not an original idea. In fact it is the least original idea on the internet. Basically I will fulfill my role as an meme distributer through this blog. I have found this is where I have the most fun with facebook so why not continue the uninspired trend here. There is no reason to tell me how old the memes I reference are in the comments because I am well aware that I am not a 'Hep Cat' so save your message board snobbery for someone who cares.
  • "I once fought a Hobo" will be a piece of fiction that I tend to work on in my own head that goes nowhere but has finally found a home here on Drunk Clowns Aren't Funny. Have you ever had an interaction with an asshole that you wish had gone a different way (I believe the French call it ' l'esprit d'escalier' which translates as 'the spirit of the staircase'). Perhaps a more ass kicking kind of way. In this feature I create elaborate fantasy's of getting in fights with these people. Most of which I lose.
  • Plus I want to eventually start doing a weekly one panel Comic. I can only draw stick men well enough but it will have to do. This one may take awhile. 

Well, that is all I have come up with so far but I imagine some more will show up. Feel free to comment on any of these ideas and suggestions for other features are more than welcome.