February 17, 2013

It has been awhile since I have posted on blogger. During my absence I haven't really missed blogging but I do find myself wanting to put together a Tuesday Morning Music Mix every once and awhile. I guess I decided to put this one together because I discovered "Alabama Shakes" last night on SNL. I can usually count on the musical mavens at SNL to point me at two new musicians that I will love a season. Alabama Shakes is the first one this season. Please Enjoy...

Tuesday Morning Music Mix

Sunday Supple Sounds

Grimes - Oblivion (live at Grimey's)
I have been obsessed with Grimes as of late. Her music reminds me of something I have experienced in dreams. I believe that I stumbled on Grimes on Katies FB but it may have been Kristas. I can't remember which since those two are always posting interesting music in eachothers feeds.


Coco Rosie - Japan (live)
No Tueday Morning Music Mix reunion post would be complete without some Coco Rosie. In the interest of keeping is classic yet fresh I have chosen a live version of Japan. Japan has always reminded me of a lunatic parade and the live performance really captures that.


Alabama Shakes - Hold On (Konk Session)
In the days of autotune and lipsyncing it's kind of hard to believe that Alabama Shakes is for real. I listened to four different versions of this song this morning and all of them sounded the same, and they all sounded exactly like their performance on SNL last night. They are one well rehersed band.


Haim - Forever
I discovered Haim on Grimes' tumblr before she took it down. Not the type of music I usually listen to but it has managed to Brain Chigger me.


Well that's it. Hope it was enjoyed. Until next time...

Namesta Motherfucker!