September 14, 2010

Tuesday Morning Music Mix 2010-09-14

I am returned and I bring you yet another Tuesday Morning Music Mix. The last couple of weeks I have been unpacking my new apartment and haven't had the time on a Tuesday Morning for my weekly dose of music video mania. This weeks mix is made up of a bunch of youtube originals that I have been chuckling at these past weeks.

TLO - TLO Roll Call!
This video was thrown before my eyes by Lauren. I'm sure there is a full story behind this group shot but all I need to know is in the song. They are some hard-assed otaku mutha fuckas.

Tim Minchin - Pope Song
I am so glad to live in the time I do.  A handful of centuries ago Tim Minchin could have been boiled in oil for this funny, insightful and crass song. The most beautiful thing about living in the western hemisphere in the 20th Century and beyond is the freedom of the common people to tear down and piss on our perceived betters. The beauty of it shines brightest when these public figures deserve their lamb basting.

Masters of Lightning - Ghostbusters Theme
I have long hoped to attend a Tesla Coil Recital. Every time I meet with my cardiologist I mean to ask him if that would be alright and every time I  forget. Since I have a pacemaker and Tesla Coils put out electro magnetic fields I feel that I should check before attempting to attend such an event. This is mad science meets musical genius. 

Preston Reed -  Tractor Pull
This piece of music makes me think of the opening of a movie that exists only in my head. A drifter that rides the rails being thrown from a train at the outskirts of a depression area town. He picks himself up and walks into town. Sitting at the lone town dinners counter to order coffee he is met with unapproving eyes and a heavy set waitress shaking her head. Further up the road he chased off of a park bench by a bunch of locals into a nice white picket fence community. Feeling along one of the fence posts he finds some hobo signs marking his way to a warm meal for some chores done. He knocks on the door to have it swing wide open and lying dead on the floor is the lady of the house. The sudden stop at the end of the song with coincide with the downward pan to the lady.

Uncredited - Being a Dickhead's Cool
I think everyone knows someone that this song could be dedicated to. I find that it has been stuck in my head at really inopportune moments. I also find the statement in this song is fairly accurate. Being a dickhead is cool and that is why I am not.

Mike Relm - Korean Explains English Swear Words: Remix
Mike Relm specializes in remixing things people ask him to. I chose this one because I was afraid that 'The Pope Song' didn't cover my mandate cursing allowances. 

That makes another successful TMMM for this week. I am all moved in now and hope to add a couple more weekly features to this blog. If you read my blog please comment. I hope you all have as awesome a week as these guys did and if you are ever feeling down about yourself or need a quick pick-me-up just think, you could be this guy.